Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Using Real Estate Video helps you stand out from the Competition...

 Why Market Your Real Estate Business and Listings with Video?

• There are currently over 900 Million Internet Users Online.
• 25% of all Searches Online involve Real Estate and Finance.
• 90% of Agents and 80% of all Home Searches begin Online.
• Nearly 80% of Internet searchers are for Multimedia and Video.

 In 2007, $11.5 billion was spent in real estate advertising, with online spending $2.6 billion
of the total. By 2010, agents will spend more ad dollars with online media than with newspapers.
 By offering video tours of your listings, you give your clients a means of previewing your
listings before they take the next step of scheduling an appointment - saving everyone countless
hours in the decision making process. In truth, buyers who view video tours often take up to three
times less the amount of time when making a purchase decision!

 Using Video Helps You Rise Above the Competition Online...
As we all know, inventories are amassing, prices are coming down, there are fewer buyers, and
your competition is working hard to move their listings. The question is - how are you working
to stand apart from the competition? Using video is a powerful way for you to differentiate
yourself from other agents online, and can even help you to secure more listings. Telling a
prospective client that you will have a video tour of their home produced and marketed online is
a really good incentive for them to list with you, and an even better reason for them to come back!

Real Estate Video Offers SEO Benefits On the Web...

 Search engines like Google will list your video tours as results for targeted
organic searches. Web video sites will return your video tours as results for searches that match
your keywords

Real Estate and Video Make Perfect Sense Together.

According to a ComScore, nearly 75 percent of U.S. Internet users watched an average of three hours
of online video during the month of July, with Americans viewing more than 9 billion videos online.
How's that for a captive audience?

Additionally, a recent report from California Association of Realtors® echoes the need for property
sellers to invest time & marketing dollars into their online efforts. According to the report:

 • 92% of Internet buyers found their agent on a Web site.
 • 63% found them through an Internet search engine.
 • 0% of Internet buyers found agents through brochures, flyers, yard signs or mailers!

As you can see, internet video is opening up up a serious opportunity for the ambitious real estate
sellers who want to increase their visibility on the web. Not only will your listings display better
as video tours for your potential clients, but they will also serve to dramatically increase your
marketing reach and search engine benefits online.

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