Friday, February 3, 2012

Why it’s important to use great photo’s

If you are a listing agent and selling a client’s home is your goal, then you want to keep potential buyers interested in the listing as long as possible. As a potential buyer, looking to purchase a new property... it is amazing at the amount of real estate listings with poor-quality pictures, or worse; some listings contain no pictures at all. Guess what happens when they click to view the details of a listing and it has dark, blurry, pixelated pictures? They exit the listing page faster than you can say waste-of-time. That first impression kills it for the listing and for future business for that realtor!

 If you cannot produce excellent photos yourself, you should hire someone to do it for you and figure that expense into your budget. Why waste all the money invested in ads, flyers and listings with poor photos. Poor photos are dark photos, poorly framed views, bad HDR photos and cluttered photos.
  1. Better quality pictures = more interested buyers!
  2. More interested buyers = more homes sold!
  3. More homes sold = more money for you!
  4. More homes sold and quality pictures = more new listings!
The first impression is the lasting one!

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