Thursday, February 2, 2012

HDR photos... the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The HDR photo technique is effective at capturing the dynamic range of light. Unfortunately, HDR can result in unnatural grunge colors, edge bloom and stormy skies. This is nice for artistic photos, but NOT for real estate and architecture.  Most HDR photography is done wrong and is way over-used. These horrible HDR photos are showing up everywhere lately because they are easy to shoot and run through a batch processor. There is no substitute for great lighting and no shortcuts to excellent photos!.

 However, occasionally an HDR photo is needed and an 'expertly crafted' Fusion HDR photo can be stunning and faithfully realistic. With my 4 years experience using the HDR techniques, I have learned how to produce more natural HDR photos by using three different HDR fusion methods and strobe lighting,  blending layers of multi-exposure photos into perfectly balanced, stunning photos. The drawback is the time required to produce natural HDR photos

That first impression is the lasting one!

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