Friday, February 17, 2012

2012 is the Year of Real Estate Video

Consider some of these stats:
  • YouTube exceeds 2 billion+ views a day which is nearly double the prime-time audience of all 3 major networks combined
  • The average person spends 15 minutes a day on YouTube
  • By using video you have a 50x better chance of ranking on page 1 of Google
Why video? Video has the ability to increase your business, build better relationships, and amplify your credibility. Videos of neighborhoods and communities are like catnip for consumers. People searching for local info about your area will find your videos and then find you. Video evokes emotion and helps tell the story of a property or place. A bad video is worse than no video, so make sure it is impressive!

But it needs to be a great video... because your videos reflect on you, your properties and your work.

Videos do not replace photos... You still need quality photos for MLS and flyers, etc.

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